The Salvation of the Soul

Wednesday September 5, 2012

LaVere reviewed that creation was a two-step process, meaning existence was created by God’s spoken Word, and then came its formation. So also, faith is a two-step process. We sometimes have “viruses” in our lives. Our spirits do not sin after we are born-again, but our bodies and souls need salvation, too. The salvation of your soul is a life-long process and happens as the Word is rooted and grounded in you. Mark 7:20-23 and Gal. 5:19-21 name some of the “viruses” that affect us in our souls and defile us. We need to take care of these “viruses”. LaVere gives numerous names for the salvation of the soul, such as weeding the garden, being conformed to the image of Christ, circumcision of the heart, transformation of the mind, sanctification, reconstruction of the soul, etc. He shares many Scriptures that can help us in the process of the salvation of the soul. Allow God to save you completely.