The Power of Our Words Part 7 (Principles of Faith: The Spoken Word)

Sunday October 28, 2012

Sermon: In Mark 11:12-14, 20-24 the fig tree spoke lack and non-productivity, so Jesus answered it with a curse. He didn’t keep looking at it, because by faith He knew what would happen. Faith and your words work for you. You will have what you say. The word “pray” can mean to say and to address someone. Jesus spoke to the fig tree, but in Mark 11:23 He told Peter (and us) to speak to the mountain, and in verse 24 to believe that he will have what he says. There are four principles from this story shown by example: 1) Speak to you problem. 2) Speak the desired results and act on the promises. 3) Jesus’ words were at work in the unseen realm. 4) Negative words are a curse. There are five things Jesus taught from this passage. 1) This principle will work for whosoever , which means you. 2) Speak TO your mountain. 3) Speak the end result. 4) Don’t waver. 5) Believe what you say will come to pass.