The Power of Our Words Part 2

Sunday September 30, 2012

Text: James 3:2-4. Faith in your words can work for or against you and can change the direction of your life. Matt. 12:36 tells us that we will have to give account of every idle word. Actions start with words. Philemon 6 says that the communication (intimate sharing, interchange) of our faith becomes effective by our acknowledging what is every good thing in us in Christ Jesus. Do we acknowledge Him in our life situations so the Word works for us? Our first confession should be: “Jesus is the Lord of my life.” We must acknowledge truth to be truth for ourselves, because the Word of God works. It’s not based on how spiritual we are. We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us and that includes our relationships, business, even shopping. Ps. 103:1-7 is a great prayer/confession. Remember, your words change the direction of your life. (There was a communion service.)