The Shepherd – part 3 – Jan 4 PM

Sunday January 4, 2015

Texts: Matthew 4:23, 24; 9:35, 36; Numbers 27:15-18. Jesus’ work here was teaching, preaching, and healing. You need a pastor. A shepherd is a pastor, and he feeds his sheep. What does it mean to have a pastor/shepherd over you? The body of Christ needs pastors, and God wants to send them forth. Jesus was moved with compassion when He saw that the “sheep” were scattered and did not have shepherd. According to John 10:10 and 11, you cannot have the abundant life and prosper, if you do not have a pastor in your life. We need pastors who love the sheep and will give their lives for the “sheep”. People need to know that their pastors care. That means that they may tell you the truth, even if it causes you to want to run away. God’s objective for us is abundant life. A pastor prepares you for the present time and for what is coming up. Pastors, if you want more prayer, pray more. If you want more giving, give more. Moses was told that Joshua had the Spirit in him, and that he was to lay his hand on him (Joshua), giving him some of his authority so that all the congregation of Israel would be obedient. Listen to your pastor, especially when he is hearing from God for you. Do not use the Word of God to manipulate. Obey you pastor. Pastoring is not about administration, a big building, a great worship team, etc. It is about teaching, preaching, and healing. (There was a time of ministry and laying on of hands.)