The Next Decade The Kingdom of God

Wednesday January 12, 2011

Bruce Ladebu gave a word to Jon Fike. Bruce talked about his work with the children (slaves) in Pakistan. Say yes and go into the glory and life zone. The church must act and take back the enemy’s territory. Change the world. Have you rescued someone from hell? The word that Bruce received for the next decade: 1) It will be a time of multi-generational teamwork. 2) It will be a time of wonder and amazement of the manifest power of God. 3) Unlikely characters will be raised up to reach cultures that have resisted Jesus Christ. 4) Persecution will increase but so will the church’s authority through love, grace, and mercy. The kingdom of God is about power to prosper, to rise out of your problems and to be joyful. It’s uncomfortable to expand the kingdom. Obey God. The power of God is available to every one of us. Dan. 11:32 The people who know their God shall be strong and carry out great exploits. The church must become relevant. We need to change. The essentials of life in the natural have spiritual compatibilities: air (the Holy Spirit), water (baptism of change to His ways), food (the Word), shelter (covenant relationships), exercise (being a doer of the Word), and to excrete wastes (God’s refining fire). Are you willing to change? Give. Bruce ministers prophetically to several people in the congregation and then he, Bob and Sharon, Dale and Teri, and Gene Olon ministered to the people.