The Miraculous Power of God

Wednesday December 2, 2009

The anointing in a body of believers will peak, then plateau, then peak, and so on, but if you can keep strife and sin out, the anointing will always increase after each plateau. A spirit of faith gets into a group of people and is contagious. Be around people who are audacious with their faith. John 14:12. You can become known for your level of faith. There are two factors involved in the corporate anointing and spirit of faith: 1) the individual’s faith and 2) the sovereignty of God. Sovereign does NOT mean ARBITRARY! It means supreme and most powerful. God will call one person to be a prophet and other one an evangelist. Jesus expects us to do everything He did and more. Follow the Word, not signs and miracles. Do the work that Jesus did: He healed and ministered to the poor among other things. He taught the people, so they would believe and receive the Word and works. (Mark 5:1-5) You can’t control the move of God (John 5:1-15). Stay away from things that add to what’s in the Bible (angels, demons, etc.). When you obey God in one point, other things will happen, because it stirs up other gifts of the Spirit. Trust the Holy Spirit to reveal to you if you need to repent. Check up on your love walk if you aren’t getting results in your own life. Revival can stir up the “dirt at the bottom of the rocks in the aquarium”. There are seasons of the power of God, but His Word is constant.