The Love of God Part 6 – Get Outside of Yourself and Serve Others

Saturday September 14, 2013

Text: Gal. 5:13-14. Dig in and chew on the Word concerning love. Charity (selfless love) fulfills the commandment along with the commission of serving others. You can’t cover up the wrong thing by doing a good thing. (Review: 1 Kings 3:16-28.) Love gives without limitation and reservation, and love always wins. You have to take the initiative to love. 1 Cor. 13 tells us to love, which begins in the spirit, and then comes the act, and then the emotion. Get out of yourself and serve others. Prov. 15:1 tells us that a soft answer turns away wrath. Don’t try to prove a point at the expense of hurting others, but listen respectfully to others. Prov. 25:21-22 says to serve your enemies. Pastor Dale tells of a man in Russia who saw the fruit of doing that. (Pastor Dale also explains the Hebrew meaning of the term “coals of fire”.) What is in it for you? The Lord rewards you, “reward” meaning “paycheck” (Gen. 15:1). Fear makes us think, “When is it my turn?” Sometimes God has us kill a dream, so He can have us fulfill a bigger one. Get outside yourself and ask, “What would love do?” Don’t be afraid of walking in love.