The Life of a Christian: The Christian Life

Sunday July 8, 2012

“The Christian Life”

Offering message: Wherever there’s strife, you are losing money. Walking in love is more important than faith, because faith works by love. Sermon message: Scholars wanted Mark 16:9-20 out because they had a problem with the fact that there is judgment (those who don’t believe shall be damned). Unbelief is perverted faith- faith in the negative and not believing in the face of evidence. Doubt is not believing because of lack of evidence. Hardness of heart is refusing to hear what is being said. You do nothing when you are in unbelief and hardness. The principle of action is to put the Word into action to release your faith. The power of the gospel transforms lives. What does the gospel of truth produce in a believer? It produces signs following him; casting out devils; speaking in new tongues; divine protection; laying on hands and the persons recover. You’re not a believer if you don’t act on the gospel. Let God use your hands. (Pastor Dale laid hands on the people to receive an impartation of anointing for healing in our hands with the direction to lay hands on the sick.)