The Kingdom of God Part 8

Wednesday February 6, 2013

The kingdom of God is the realm in which God’s will is fulfilled. Luke 12:29-31 tells about the kingdom principle of sowing and reaping. Worry blocks the kingdom. When you focus on developing the kingdom, your living will come to you, because He will see that your needs are met. Your peace and joy levels are gauges of your faith. God is a giver. We should be sowing where we will reap a spiritual harvest. Mark 4:26-32 includes the Parable of the Mustard Seed. The kingdom is about people. How are you giving? The world’s way is taking, but God’s way is giving. If you are giving as if you’re bartering or trading or earning favor, you won’t receive any spiritual benefit. Love gives freely. Jesus bought us back. Sowing is giving because of love. Give of yourself not expecting anything in return. God is a giver: rest, keys of heaven, His life, the Holy Spirit. Sowing is a heart decision, and what you sow, you must release. Pastor Dale sowed a church, and it affects us even now. What you sow affects others. The opposite of giving, sowing, and loving is fear. Rev. 21:5-8 says that the cowards (fearful) will be in the lake of fire. Fearfulness will steal your seed. Faith and giving must be done in love (1 Cor. 13:3; Gal. 5:6-6:10). Sows as God sows.