The Christian Life

Sunday July 29, 2012

(Word given about God’s wanting us to use us to bring in the harvest and our need to be obedient and faithful.) Communion: John 6:47-58 Jesus is the Bread of Life. Our sins have been remitted. Don’t abuse yourself with past sins. Sermon: Mark 16:14-20. Repent of hardness of heart and unbelief. To evangelize, go and tell others of what Jesus has done for you and give them Scriptures. It’s up to them to choose the Good News. Signs should follow you, not the other way around. What are the signs? Casting out demons in His name and living devil-free; speaking with other tongues; not being hurt by deadly things. Fight for Jesus. God confirms His Word. Kim Miller gave a powerful testimony of one person’s obedience to the voice of God bringing salvation to a whole Jewish family and healing to their son. (A word was given about pressing into Jesus and walking with Him in the light and repenting.)