The Christian Life: Live in the Grip of the Love of Christ

Sunday September 2, 2012

Word Given in the CWI Service by Larry Hostetter-  Do you know it’s all about you? It’s all about you. It couldn’t be done without you! Do you know how important you are? Do you know how important you are? This is the Body of Christ. It’s one of the little bodies of Christ all across this nation, all around the world. I’ve got a marvelous Church, …  a marvelous Church that is doing a great work today. You don’t read about it in the newspapers. No, No! That’s a whole different world, but My Church is My world in this world, and it’s here to be a light. It’s here to be a witness of My love for people, My love for individuals. You’re all important. You’re all part of the Body. Do you know how much I love you? I gave My only begotten Son for you.  My love will never die for you, but you have a choice: who will you serve? I’ve done it for everyone, but who will you serve? I asked for ten percent. That means that you get to keep ninety percent, but that ten percent is what you owe to Me for what I’ve done for you, but don’t forget, over and above that is where the blessings are. When I put on your heart to give … so be faithful, for My love for you is so great. I just desire for you to know Me, to know My love for you. So seek Me. Seek Me in the Word. Seek Me in prayer. Seek Me on your face. There’s power in that, you know, on your knees for a mighty and holy God. Until you can do it on a bent knee that shows Me that you reverence Me, you want to serve Me, you want to live for Me, because I am your King, says the Lord God. I am your King, and who will you serve?

Teri Armstrong shared about an after-school program that is successfully ministering to poor and neglected children in the Ukraine. Larry Hostetter gave a word about God’s love for us and about loving, knowing, seeking, and serving God.Text: 2 Cor. 5:14-17. If you aren’t gripped by the love of Christ, you will go nowhere. Life’s focus needs to be in balance: Don’t just focus of false humiliation and struggle (the death of Christ), nor focus only on the lofty things (being an ambassador of Christ).  It’s because He died for us that we are His ambassadors. Being gripped by His love means that you value that Christ died for you by living for Him. Be an example of Jesus and what He has done in your heart (Phil. 3:15-19). Going after your own will and dreams leads to an end of destruction. Everything is about serving Jesus. Here’s something else to keep in balance: suffering and glory; true humility that He may exalt you. Be clothed in humility by preferring others more than yourself (1 Peter 5:1-6). God allows us to continually confront pride in our lives in one area at a time. Allow the love of Christ to grip you. He will exalt you in due season (2 Cor. 5:14-15). Die to self and know that what you’re doing is the will of God.