The Christian Life: Acting on Your Faith

Sunday July 15, 2012

Offering message: Matt.6:7-8 Ask, seek, knock if you want to receive. There is integrity in Jesus’ word, and it applies to those who believe in Him. Luke 6:38 is a word on giving in the middle of a message on loving and forgiving. The good measure return comes from believing and obeying. Sermon message: We live out our Christian life when we truly believe the Word and act on it in power and authority (Mark 16:14-17). Are you a true believer? Belief is not the same as an opinion. Belief is faith and action based on Jesus and the Word, such as laying hands on the sick. Mark 9:22-23 What are you believing God for? If your faith is weak, you’ve lost your hope, so you need to binge on the Word. Matt. 9:27 says, “according to your faith, let it be to you,” meaning you need to take the responsibility for your future. Be desperate and act in faith. Remember, faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God (Rom. 10:17).