The Anointing Part 2

Sunday May 22, 2011

Offering message: III John 2- your finances will never prosper more than your soul prospers. See your soul prosper in the Word of God and change your thinking. God doesn’t talk about limited resources. God is your source, not your paycheck, Social Security. your employer. Think abundance. The world has limits, but God has abundance. If your thinking is limited, you will consider what one person has as taking from what someone else can have. Sermon message: A word was given through Lee Jones about a new wind stirring up the dormant wind in the CWI body. It’s like a fire that can’t be shut up. We need to give place for God to move; we need both the Word of God and the anointing of the Holy Spirit. II Kings 2:8-14 is the text for learning about the seven things about the anointing. #1 You need to ask for the anointing. #2 The anointing can be measured. #3 The anointing can be increased. #4 The anointing can be transferred from one person to another. #5 The anointing can be lost. #6 The anointing can be transmitted materially (such as through mantles, bones, handkerchiefs). #7 You must qualify for the anointing. James 4 tells us that we don’t have because we don’t ask. Ask for the Lord to use you. THERE’S AN ANOINTING FOR YOUR CALL. ASK THE LORD TO ANOINT YOU TO DO WHAT HE HAS FOR YOU. Ask, seek, and knock. There are intensities of asking. Enlarge your praying and asking. In the anointing there is access to all things. Get hungry for the anointing. It will keep you safe. Pray for the anointing of God’s favor. Pastor Dale tells of a “scary” encounter with an angel in Armenia and how we can limit God’s anointing, which has no limits. Fear can cause us to limit the Holy Spirit’s anointing, but yokes need to be broken by the anointing.