The Anointing Part 1

Sunday May 15, 2011

Judges 6:13-16 If there weren’t any miracles, then God has forsaken His people. Gideon said his clan was poor. God said, “Surely I will be with you. You shall defeat the Midianites as one man. Gideon, you don’t have to do it alone.” Two together can strike the enemy as one man. Insist on upholding one another.Is. 10:24-27 The anointing establishes the covenant of God and breaks off the yoke of bondage. Moses and Gideon were anointed to do what they had to do. It was like the five-fold ministry as one man. In 2 Kings 2:8-15 Elijah’s mantle (the double anointing) was passed to Elisha, but both Elijah’s and Elisha’s servants left or failed their masters. DON’T DROP THE BATON! Build on what went before. See with the eyes of the Spirit. The anointing does not come easily, and the devil will try to rob it. In 2 Kings 13:14 Elisha’s servant, Gehazi, failed because of the lust of money. When Elisha tried to transfer the anointing to the king of Israel, the king only smote the arrows three times, meaning Syria would be defeated only three times. When Elisha was buried and a dead man was put in his tomb, the bones of Elisha caused the man to revive and stand up. Anointings need to be passed on. DON’T BURY YOUR ANOINTING! We are anointed as believers, whereas under the Old Covenant, only priests, kings, and prophets received the anointing. If you want results, there must be an anointing. There was a time of prophetic ministry to individuals.