The Anointing: How to Place a Demand on the Anointing

Sunday June 19, 2011

Offering Message: Phil. 4:19 tells us that God shall provide for all your needs according to His riches in glory. That’s a promise that you’ll always have needs. Children don’t worry about their needs if they have a father. You are your Father’s child. Pastor Dale tells of a time when he needed money to pay a hotel bill and how God provided from an unlikely source. Pastor Dale told of God relaying to him that if he wouldn’t have started this church, other ministries wouldn’t be sent out. Robert Cox shared about his recent trip to Switzerland and the walk of faith that it was for him. Sermon: In 2 Kings 2:8 Elijah took the mantle, struck the Jordan River, and it divided. Joshua had parted the Jordan before. The anointing blesses you or curses the enemy. It becomes a chain to the person who rejects the anointing. Satan hates the anointing! After the Ark of the Covenant was put in the river, and the waters parted, it became the Ark of the Testimony. Elijah deliberately used the anointing to bring about a miracle. Jesus said that He was meek and lowly of heart, but He could be bold in the Spirit, because He was going to use the anointing to bring a miracle. Kenneth Hagin deliberately put a demand on the anointing. God touched His hands and the people he ministered to received healing, because the anointing heals. In Mark 5:25 the woman touched the hem of His garment. He told her that her faith made her well. She drew the anointing out of Jesus. When the minister is moving in the anointing, believers should draw on it. While Pastor Dale was in Kiev, he ministered as a teacher . When he was staying at a pastor’s home, he had a dream about the worship leader that he and his wife were fighting about his wanting to go to America alone. Pastor Dale told him that the Lord told him in a dream that he shouldn’t go, but he went anyway. He was killed in an accident and shortly afterward his wife who did not go to America, was attacked, but God protected her. Later, in another place in Kiev, Pastor Dale was introduced as a prophet. In Matt. 10:40-42 Jesus said that whoever received Him received the Father. If you receive a prophet, you can receive a prophet’s reward. The gift that God has given you is NOT for yourself, but for other people. We’re channels of blessing. Smith Wigglesworth ministered with kidney stones while he ministered the anointing for healing to others. Don’t grieve the Spirit by not receiving the anointing. There are many anointings here that we must draw on. Say with your mouth and by your actions that you receive. John 4:6 tells of the Samaritan woman whom Jesus asked to give him water. That just did not happen in that culture. #1 She was a woman. #2 She was a Samaritan, and a Jewish male would never talk to one. Remember that in Matt. 10:42 Jesus said that whoever gives a little one a cup of water in the name of a disciple would not lose his reward. In 1 Kings 17:9 a widow woman was to sustain Elijah. Elijah asked for a little water and for a cake. Jesus and Elijah put the person in a position of receiving.