The Anointing Breaks Through the Obstacles

Sunday May 29, 2011

Pastor Dale- Offering Message: Ps. 112:1-3 Your seed (descendants, your words) will be mighty on earth. We are the generation of the upright, and we are blessed. Wealth and riches are in our house. Wealth is works of art and investments. Riches is money that passes through our hands to bless others. Moody, Finney, and other revivalists had rich people behind them. Women helped to finance Jesus’ ministry. Sermon notes: Ps. 103:1-5 Bless the Lord and remember all His benefits- salvation from sin, healing of bodies, redemption from death, youth renewed. Bless His holy name! Learn the language of revival. God spoke the Word and created the universe. We need a fresh understanding of why we are on the earth. God has triumphed over our enemies. There’s nothing wrong with God, and His Word will not return void. The world is looking for what’s real. God wants to renew us; we need a touch of God for our bodies. We are joint-heirs with Christ. Break through the obstacles. In Acts 10:38 we find that God anointed Jesus. God was with Him. Jesus Christ is the answer. Being filled with the Holy Spirit is a mandate for the church. Come into the power of God. John the Baptist baptized Jesus and the Spirit descended on Him, and then He began His ministry. In Matt. 4:18 and 19 Jesus told the disciples to follow Him. They immediately left their nets, and He made them fishers of men. The church needs the anointing. You have to follow Him, allowing Him to go before you, so you can see what He’s doing and know how to treat people. He had compassion. Mark 1:36 Simon and others with Jesus searched for Jesus. They searched for Him and His presence, because He carried the anointing. People don’t want to follow us when what we talk about is problems. The priests had to wear bells on their clothing when they went into the Holy of Holies. There is a sound from heaven, a sound of praise. Taste and see that the Lord is good. The men bringing the paralytic to Jesus had expectancy. They wanted to get to the real Jesus, and their faith broke through the obstacles and what others thought. A touch from Jesus is needed for life. Be filled with His Spirit again. There is a sound of faith and victory. Do you have a meaningful relationship with Christ? There was a time of ministry for salvation, healing, and a refilling of the Holy Spirit.