Thanksgiving, Abundance, and Worship

Wednesday November 23, 2011

II. Cor. 9:9-12. Because of your thanksgiving, your abundance comes. Learn to be thankful. A want is a deficit, poverty, what is lacking. The key to your success is your thankfulness. God supplies the wants (the deficits), but the abundance comes through thanksgiving. Giving does provide a harvest, but seek God’s face, not His hand. Thanksgiving is an action. I Chron. 16:8-12 tells us how to give thanks to God: making known His deeds, singing to Him, worshiping Him, bringing an offering, seeking the Lord. In the Old Testament it means an extension of the hand, confession, giving an offering, worship, telling God of His goodness, affirmation of Him, confirming that He is in your heart, a declaration (the enemy is under my feet), an admission (I’m lost without You). Worship Him our of your heart in your own personal time and go deeper. Thanksgiving magnifies God (Ps. 69:30) and get us into the gates (Ps. 100:3, 4). Other Scriptures on thanksgiving: Ps. 95:1-3; II Sam. 22:50; Phil. 4:5-7; Ps. 103. We have so much to be thankful for. Be thankful.