Follow Your Heart, not Your Head

Sunday October 22, 2017

Apostle Dale Armstrong speaks out of Mark 11:23. Apostle Dale talked about an assignment the Lord gave us all to do. That assignment is to keep a journal to write the perceptions of our heart. The Lord wants us to monitor our heart and to become sensitive to the atmosphere. Apostle Dale continues to read out of Mark 11:23 and mentioned that we have to know the difference between heart faith and head faith. Your heart should always rule your head. Your head should never rule your heart. He read out of Romans 8Deuteronomy 23:1, God is showing us to obey the word of God. Apostle Dale gave examples of when he listened to what his heart was telling him in obedience to God and had all the equipment needed for what it was he had to accomplish that day. If he had not listened, the blessed opportunity would have been missed. If we learn to listen to our hearts, the blessings will over take us. Colossians 3:15 talks about being at peace. When you are not at peace that would be the time to talk about repentance, the love walk, or to give more. Apostle Dale mentions that you cannot not lose the peaceful state. He mentions to hold onto the peace of God. You want to have peace and monitor your spirit. Learn to discern what is taking place. Apostle Dale read from Romans 8:14, evidence of salvation is being led by the Spirit. He referenced Deuteronomy 28, if you follow the voice of the Lord He will bless you. Apostle Dale read from 1 Corinthians 14:2, the use of speaking in tongues. He mentioned that God speaks to man, man speaks to man, and man speaks to God. When you are praying in tongues don’t stop and ask for the interpretation, just push through and God will give you what you need. Listen to the peace. It can be a warning, it can be a red light, or it can be a green light. Things that were once difficult will be made easy. Be led by your heart.