From Being to Doing: The Great Commission

Sunday January 22, 2017

[A word was given: Jesus, part of the “Us” in Genesis, came that we might know the love of the Father. He is worthy of all praise. He is our only salvation. Will you trust in Him?] Pastor Sydney: If dealing with a life-threatening issue, there is encouragement and warning in Luke 21:34-38. Being drunk, hung-over, or worrying will harden your heart and will dull your senses. Worry is just as bad as being drunk or hung-over. Our hearts should not be weighed down in fear and worry. Repent of it. Talk His will and His answer. Cast all your care on Him. Fear stops progress. Pastor told of someone who came to visit a neighbor for a gathering. She drove her van too close to the pond, and the car’s wheel went into the pond. The homeowner tried to pull the van out with a tractor, but it wouldn’t budge. The woman asked if it would help to take off the brakes. Fear is like having the brakes on; it stops the progress. Brian Wills: Mark 16:17, 18; Acts 5:12, 15-16. Consecration and surrender can bring about a movement, a transition of power on the church. The church is going from being to doing. John 14:12 tells about the works that we will do. In 2009 Jesus appeared to Bob Weiner, who started Maranatha. He said that the Spirit is going to move, that the USA is the only nation founded because people were looking for a place for freedom to worship God. For forty-fifty years, the enemy has been sowing seeds, but God is going to expose and uproot the evil. This means greater responsibility. Signs are supposed to follow those who believe. Believers are to lay hands on the sick for them to be healed. Acts 5:12 says that signs and wonders were done among the people through the hands of the apostles, the sent ones. We are sent ones. They literally dragged in the sick, and they were all healed through the hands of ordinary believers. God created us to do supernatural things. We are carriers of His presence and glory in the earth. We have something that the world needs. We are to be world-changers, world-shakers. We have this treasure (the wealth of heaven) in earthen vessels (our bodies). Jesus said there will be a generation that will look like Him. If you abide in Christ, then you should act like Jesus (1 John 2:4). Are we preaching the gospel and laying hands on the sick? George Pearson prophetically said, “I want My Church back. I want the book of Acts Church, a glorious Church. There will be churches having healing school everyday. Word of Faith churches will be healing churches. Believers shall do the works.” We are all ambassadors. We represent Jesus. Ambassadors are not subject to the law of the land they are in. We are immune (John G. Lake). We are not under the law of sin and death (Romans 8). Keep your soul in communion with Christ Jesus. The laws of your home country apply to you as an ambassador. We need to live from the inside out. We are containers of the life of God. How do we go from being to doing? 1) Begin to go to Luke 4. The Spirit of the Lord is upon you. He has anointed you to preach the gospel, cast out demons, and to heal the sick. 2) Read and study Jesus’ healing Scriptures in the gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. Put yourself in Jesus’ shoes. See yourself doing the works of Jesus. For a long time Brian prayed for the sick to be healed, and they didn’t. Then he went to Mexico as a trainee under a super-healing evangelist. He laid hands on people until he got to someone in a wheelchair. He didn’t know what to do, and the evangelist told him to keep praying and releasing the power of God. You will never do until you see yourself doing it. The excellency is of God, not ourselves. Jesus did and said what He heard and saw the Father say and do. We become one with Him. There will be an anointing on small children. God has put a hunger in us. A worship leader in the Welsh revival prayed for a blind man, and he was healed. Then every blind person he prayed for was healed.