Success Seminar

Saturday May 8, 2010

Successful motivational speaker, Bob Harrison also known as “Dr. Increase”, shares practical advice for success. #1- Life is a collection of seasons. You must recognize the ending of one and move to the next one. Seasons may start or end very quickly. You will find out what your friends are really like when you see them in different seasons- success, failure, crisis, etc. Multiple seasons reveal others and yourself and how you handle situations. #2- Acknowledge and recognize that your steps are ordered by God, not just your plans. Put God in the beginning of your day. Even with systems and organization in your day, live your life ready to be interrupted. Those interruptions can be blessings and opportunities. Your life can be changed by one person you connect with. Anything and everything only works when it’s in the right environment. Ask yourself: “What is the best environment for this to function in?” Create the right environment by avoiding strife. #3- Knowledge is a powerful force. Knowledge can fill what experience you don’t have. Get more knowledge- general (college…) And specific knowledge in the area you need the increase. #4- Success is reaching the segments that reach the masses. Offer something no one else has and build on your uniqueness and strength. #5- Demonstrate, experience what you’re selling. Create motion in the direction you want things to go. Your customers need to experience what you’re selling. #6- Plant seed for the harvest you want when you don’t have the harvest. Give first when you’re not in a time of plenty. Poverty is the fear of not getting and is a lack of knowledge. Don’t let fear keep you from planting seed.