Strategic Conversions

Wednesday April 13, 2011

Text: Rom. 12:1-3. Paul used the word “beseech” meaning to plead or beg, to relate how you are to give your body to God, namely as a living and holy sacrifice, which is your reasonable form of worship. You are to renew your mind, which is the good, acceptable, and perfect will of God. When Paul said to not think more highly of yourself than you should, he was talking to very confident people, not to people of low-esteem. You are to apply the scriptures soberly to your walk with the Lord. Are you in the good or the acceptable or the perfect will of God? What is the will of God? It is getting people into heaven. Financial prosperity is a truth that helps when it is applied to being used to meet the needs of humanity and living to give. Prayer is the highest form of evangelism. Prayer for the lost is the perfect will of God. The truth is the person you are praying for has a choice. When you pray for people’s salvation, don’t quit. There is God’s grace. Rom. 12:12 tells you how to hope- rejoice in hope. Hope should make you joyful. Hope is not faith. Hope expects something tomorrow. Faith has to do with your will now. Faith will NOT work without hope. (Pastor Dale shares how the common denominator in his answered prayers was desiring the answer greatly.) Hope works toward people. Faith works toward agreement. Start treating the one you are praying for as if they are saved. Faith and hope work together; patience and longsuffering work together. Patience is toward things and circumstances; longsuffering is toward people. Be sensitive to situations and people you should be praying for in an instant, such as seeing an accident. Gal. 4:19 tells about travailing in birth again. A Christian who is mature reproduces spiritually. Is. 66:8 Shall the earth be made to give birth in one day, or shall a nation be born at once? Our intimacy with God and knowing Him is like that of intimacy between husband and wife, only in the Spirit. The outcome of that spiritual intimacy is a birth- the spiritual birth of the person you are praying for. Father Nash prayed and saw individuals and cities come to the Lord by birthing them in the Spirit. When a person is born-again, his/her will is changed. Things can be birthed in the Spirit that will not be birthed any other way. You cannot really describe being saved or speaking in tongues. It must be experienced. In Mark 10:23-27 a rich man did not want to be saved, but we are told that that’s not impossible with God. Pray for wicked sinners to be saved.