State of the Ministry Address

Sunday January 31, 2010

CWI is a Word of Faith church. We are part of the Body and members of one another. Pastor Dale relates his experience of being called into the apostolic ministry while he was pastoring a church and feeling the pull of “either-or”. When he was in Russia, he felt that he should be in PA pastoring his church, and when he was home, he felt tugged to be in Russia. He quit and realized he can do both, because it is not either-or. He can be a pastor and still be an apostle. Listen as he tells how he came to Lancaster. CWI Lancaster is to be an apostolic ministry. The Great Commission is still in effect. It is time for breakthrough. Be a “lion-flipper”. Don’t react, but respond. Pastor Dale briefly informs us of special times of ministry coming during the first part of this year.