Spiritual Gifts

Wednesday January 6, 2010

Spiritual gifts (I Cor. 12-14) are corporate gifts to the body, as well as to individuals. In I Cor. Paul tells about the gifts in the context of the body and love. Love is to maintain our life with the Father. The fruit of the Spirit is love and all the other fruit come because we love (Gal. 5:16-22). Don’t forsake the fruit of the Spirit as well as the gifts of the Spirit. DO YOU WANT THE GIFTS OF THE SPIRIT? We are to covet them. We can’t desire the gifts, if we haven’t seen them. We can easily mess up tongues, interpretation of tongues, and prophecy, but the others are farther from the human element. God doesn’t want us having dumb idols. GOD SPEAKS TO US. It marks you when God speaks to you. Jesus is the head over all the offices (apostle…), but the Holy Spirit is over the gifts. Every office and every gift is unique, so one person’s gift or office won’t look like someone else’s. We are to covet the best gifts. Which are the best gifts? Paul looked at prophecy as the one that edifies the body, but the gift you need to minister to someone in need is the best gift at that time. When we get to the end of our faith, we have nine gifts to take over. Covet miracles and the power of God.