Setting Memorials Before The Lord

Sunday August 30, 2009

Gen. 28:11-22 and Gen. 32:24-29. Problem to pillow to pillar. How do you keep your testimony and joy fresh? Know Jesus in a personal relationship and grow up! Don’t pet your problems, but push into God, pray and don’t let go. It will change your identity, like Saul to Paul, Jacob to Israel. There are different stages of spiritual growth. Personal victory marks a person. Don’t love the world and its things. You must forsake for the mark of maturity. Some things in your life you can’t be prayed for or anointed to do. You have to get alone with God to deal with them. Listen as Pastor Dale shares powerful testimonies from the Ukraine: cross-eyes healed, epileptic child healed, and a man who left his personal relationship with Christ.