Dying to Self to see Change

Sunday September 3, 2017

Pastor Lever Sopar reads out of Acts 13:41, Isaiah 43:18, and Mark 4:28. In Isaiah 43:19 the word spring forth means to sprout. Pastor Lever mentioned that our city, our nation, and our country is a post-Christian generation. We have to listen to what God wants and not to get into depression after hearing the statistics of people falling into post-Christian. We are in a place where we have to think about what we are going to do about our nation. Anything can happen anywhere if God’s people are willing to do what they are suppose to do. America is at such a crossroad right now. Revival will not be automatic as Christians we got to do something. Pastor Lever mentioned a couple of famous people that had took action in culminating moments. He mentioned Patrick Henry, Esther, Winston Churchill, and Nelson Mandela. They all had to give something up and suffered for what they believed in, dying to self in order to see change. What are you willing to die for? We are at a crossroad. It’s wake up time, it’s a serious time. Pastor Lever mentioned that two multiplied by seven is equivalent to fourteen is the formula for revival, 2 Chronicles 7:14.

There is an invisible line that we have to cross to get this nation turned around. We have to be able to make the right decisions and do what is necessary for  revival. Break the barrier to cross the line. We are at war and if you don’t fight you’ll lose. If you don’t pay the price, defeat will cost much more than success. There must be change. We can’t live life as normal. When God says something do it. We need to move and not talk ourselves out of what God wants us to do. Abraham was willing to leave his home,country, family , and business.

Jesus said in the parable of the thorny soil that the cares of life, deceitfulness of the riches, the desire for other things, and the desires of life will choke the word and stop you from being productive. You need to ask yourself am I being choked, am I not producing, am I willing to weed my garden?

Culminating Moments, Made God mad!

1. Deuteronomy 5, when the golden calf was made

2. Numbers 14, when the spies were sent into the promise land

3. Numbers 16, God was unhappy with the rebellion against the leadership

4. Numbers 16, Rebellion against God’s judgement

The word from the Lord to Moses was to get away from them and you can do something. He stood between the living and the dead to stop the plague. This is the hour where God wants to supernaturally move. If two or three are gathered in His name. The power is in our hands. It’s all for the taking. Luke 19, now is the time that God wants to visit you. Get in the spirit of prayer, we can bring revival to this nation. Are you ready for revival? Are you ready to pay the price?