School of Miracles Part 1

Friday April 5, 2013

John 2:1-11 is the account of Jesus’ first miracle of changing the water to wine. Mary, Jesus’ mother, expected a miracle, which brought glory to God and caused His disciples to believe in Him. How do you receive a miracle? Pastor Dale shares his and others’ experiences of God’s miracles in his/their life/lives. #1 Learn to expect miracles. Look for them and expect the impossible from God. There’s always victory and deliverance. #2 Respect God’s timing. Don’t let defeat destroy you and keep you from seeing the miracle. #3 Instantly obey God. #4 Exactly obey God. John 5:3-8 tells of the healing at the pool of Bethesda. You have a choice to respond or to rationalize when the Spirit is moving. Respond and don’t wait until the anointing has passed. #5 Prepare for your miracle. There’s something you can do to prepare for your miracle. Act on your faith. It causes your mind to be creative. Dream again and get ready to receive. #6 Act on your miracle. Faith is an action. Take a step of faith. PRAISE GOD FOR YOUR MIRACLE!