Safe And Secure – Faith or Presumption

Sunday December 14, 2014

Psalm 91. How do we abide in God? In 1 John 3:23, 24 we are told that whoever keeps God’s commandments abides in Him. What are His commandments? We are to believe on the name of Jesus Christ and to love one another. We are responsible for what we allow. The parent must not permit fear in his/her house. If you are dealing with an issue, keep fighting until you get rid of it. Do not give up and do not get into condemnation. Jesus was tempted by Satan (Matthew 4:5-10), but He knew the Word. We must know the Word and rightly divide it. Do not tempt or test the Lord. Bringing something to your awareness is God’s protection. We must accept the protection that He gives in the form of a warning. There are many examples in the Bible of God’s giving a warning. In Matthew 12:14 Jesus became aware of the plot against Him and withdrew. In Acts 14:5, 6 the disciples knew violence was being attempted against them, and they fled. It is spiritual pride to think God will protect you when you know not to do what you are doing, and you do it anyway. Being made aware of something is a warning. There may be times when you are impressed to go somewhere, but the Lord may give you a word to tell you to stay (Acts 9:10-19). Ananias knew it was dangerous to go to Saul, but he had a word from the Lord to go. If there is a dangerous situation, you need a word from God to know what to do. Are we money-led, family-led, or Spirit-led? In Acts 9:23-30 Saul learned about a plot to kill him. Jehoshaphat had to prepare to fight, but the Lord told him He would be with him and that it was His battle. If a person would know that a thief was coming, he would have not allowed his house to be broken into (Matthew 24:43). Ask God what you need to do and then prepare. Faith without works is dead.