The Purpose of the Gifts of the Spirit

Sunday January 29, 2017

Text: 1 Corinthians 12:1-9. Paul must have thought that the gifts of the Spirit are important in that he wrote three chapters about them. He did not want the Body of Christ to be ignorant, lacking knowledge, of them but He wanted us to be informed to the point of operating in them. The dumb idols referred to in this passage are gods which do not speak. God speaks! The gifts of the Spirit are one way He manifests. The Holy Spirit will inspire you to speak. He is a now God. There are different ministries and gifts. Apostle Dale explained that Jesus is over the ministries (for example: prophet), and the Spirit is over the gifts (prophecy). The gifts are good. Respect all of the gifts of the Spirit. The gifts are not of flesh, talent, or experience but are of the Holy Spirit. Be more available to the Spirit. The gifts are given as He wills. Ask Him, “What do You want me to do?” The closer we are to Him, the more the gifts manifest. Apostle Dale told of a time he was not prepared to be going into a foreign country, so he did not have his passport with him. The Lord made him invisible when he went into and out of the country. The gospel serves His purpose. Years ago Apostle Dale’s mother’s back went out on her. She was healed when a Spirit-filled man ministered to her. She also was filled with the Spirit. If the gift of the Holy Spirit would not have manifested, she would not have been saved, healed, and filled, and all that Apostle Dale and CWI are doing would not have happened. One gift of the Spirit is still working in many people’s lives. If God asks you to do something, do it and expect a miracle.