Prosperity: Listening to God’s Voice and Obeying Him

Saturday August 2, 2014

Text: Philippians 4:6-9. Be anxious for nothing, but by prayer and supplication and with thanksgiving, pray to God and His peace will keep (guard) your heart and mind through Christ Jesus. The screening process for our minds is to think on the noble, just, pure, lovely, good report, virtue, and praise-worthy things. Those are the things that you are to do and then you’ll have peace and prosperity. Get rid of the apathy in your life. We are told in Joshua 1:5-8 to be strong and very courageous. Be strong to do what He has already told you to do. The love of God is unconditional, but His blessings are not. Do according to the law (the moral law) and then you make your way prosperous. Courage is tied to prosperity. Deuteronomy 28:1-2 admonishes us to listen to the voice of the Lord, and then we must be strong and courageous to obey it. Find out what God has told you to do and do it! Apostle Dale shared the wondrous things God did in the meetings he had in the Ukraine as he listened to God’s voice and then acted in obedience. The root of faith is obedience. The blessings overtake you when diligently obey the voice of the Lord. Tithing and giving are just part of prosperity. The other part of prosperity is obedience to do what God has told you to do.