Friday June 20, 2014

Text: Philippians 4:10-19. If you release more when things are tight, it increases the value of your giving. If you’re going to be a giver, you must also be able to receive. God seeks the fruit that abounds to your heavenly account. He provides your need because you planted seed. Sacrifice attracts God. It takes faith to give. Philippians 4:19only works for you if you give and plant seed. The love of and the mishandling of money is evil. Satan submitted to money. Psalm 78:40-41 says the Israelites limited God in the wilderness and desert. God has pleasure in our prosperity. Provision means “before seeing”. God will supernaturally provide, so be patient. You can’t surprise God with your need. Look to God and don’t limit Him with your mouth. Teach your children about trusting God. Fear negates your trust that God takes care of you. If you don’t tithe to God, you’ll tithe to Satan. John 6:5-14 is the account of Jesus’ feeding the 5000. God tests us sometimes. The ravens fed Elijah food from the king’s table. Act out what you believe. Keep your word and vows. It takes wealth to establish His kingdom.