Prophetic Releasing of Bob and Sharon Hawk into Ministry to Indonesia

Sunday January 16, 2011

Matt. 6:1,2,4,16,18; Acts 10:30, 31; Acts 13:2. God sees your heart when you give, fast, and pray. Giving pulls the greed out of you, and fasting pulls the bad out of you. God wants to show Himself strong on your behalf. Cornelius received an angelic manifestation after praying, giving alms, and fasting. (Angels help when a person does what they can, but there’s part that they need assistance, or they appear to encourage those who are not confident to do it. The purpose of Cornelius’ angelic manifestation was to bring the Gospel to the Gentiles. Pastor Dale has a word for Gene Olon. Sermon: Pastor Dale gives the history of Bob Hawk’s connection with him from the 1980s and the beginning of Church of the Word International. The first part of the “International” was meeting a man from the Philippines, and Bob was sent out to the Philippines. (Pastor Dale releases a word.) Another time in a home-church setting, Pastor Dale anointed Bob to go to all the world, even Russia. (Pastor Dale releases a word to Bob about the curtain being pulled back and that he would be going to Indonesia, that it would be a small door, and he would have to push through three times and then return immediately. The door will rip wide open and God will give him that nation. He will have to find trusted souls like Elijah and blow on them until they’re flaming. There were many other words for Bob and Sharon, such as assignment, not opportunity. Teri speaks over them, and then Steve Broich. Different people spoke prophetic words to them. Bob and Sharon prayed and prophesied over Dwight Miller. Debbie and Pastor Dale spoke about the importance of ministry to children.