Prophetic Conference Part 2

Saturday January 9, 2010

Bruce Ladebu preaches on: “Are You Being Pulled Back and Forth?” Why would we settle for anything less than God? Bruce preaches on the stages of dynamic change (kingdom dynamics). CWI is to bring transformation regionally. There must be a desperation for God, His Presence, His touch. We are designed for the supernatural. He tells powerful experiences of the supernatural power of God at work. SEEK, LOOK, BE DESPERATE. Get out of your comfort zone. Desperation brings revelation. Revelation brings confrontation. Examples of men who faced confrontation are Joseph and David. Every time you get a revelation, you will get a confrontation, whether it is from Satan, the flesh, your mind, or other people. Obey and submit to God to get through confrontation and don’t allow fear to control you. Religion is getting comfortable, but we are to invade the darkness, which takes confrontation. When you are sent, there will be a test. We are tested by fire. Confrontation brings transformation, changing from the world’s way or our way to God’s way. The final stage is manifestation and restoration. We see a greater manifestation of God and can bring restoration to others. There were prophetic words and laying on of hands for people who wanted to be able to handle confrontation and be transformed by the power of God to fulfill their destiny. Offering Sermon: Amos 3:7 Prophecy indicates that God is moving. Just as in II Chron. 20:20 sometimes God will move in a unique way. Believe in God and in His prophets, in their prophetic office. Honor the anointing and the office of the prophet. We need prophecy to live. Whoever receives a prophet, receives a prophet’s reward. God warns by His prophets and by His Spirit. We need to be listening.