Prophetic Conference Part 1

Friday January 8, 2010

Joshua 3:4b, 5 Joshua knew what to do when he got to the river, because he had been following and watching Moses, but when he got to the Promised Land, he did not know what to do, because he had never been there before. He needed God to tell him what to do and where to go because it was new to him. We are in a new place in a new day. Our leaders were never where we are going. Like in Joshua’s day, we must consecrate and sanctify ourselves because God is going to do amazing things among us. We do not know what revival looks like, because what happened in the past will not happen that way again. Joel 2:15-17 We need to remove the reproach of Jesus from Lancaster County caused by ministries that have gone wrong, or by ministries that became distracted or lost their vision, or by the world speaking disparagingly about Jesus. God speaks. (Ex. 30:22-32) The fear of the Lord is an abiding Presence, the beginning of wisdom, a recognition that God is here. God’s anointing is holy. Just as Moses had to be consecrated to anoint and sanctify the tabernacle and its contents, we need to consecrate ourselves to get ready for the anointing, because the anointing does not go on the flesh. Emotions and professionalism are not substitutes for the anointing. Pastor Dale shared two experiences of the anointing telling him something that he needed to know. Do not allow a little prophecy to satisfy you, but ask for the strong anointing. Do not live without prophecy. In Gen. 18:17 God said, “Shall I hide from Abraham what I am doing?” In II Kings 4:25 the woman laid her dead son on the prophet’s bed, said “it is well”, and went to find the prophet. The prophet said that God had hidden from him why her soul was in deep distress. Sanctify yourself for the real anointing, for prophecy, for a miracle. Mary Hudson, Pastor Dale, Keith Hudson, Pastor Bob, and Bruce Ladebu gave a prophetic words. Step in to take possession of what belongs to you.   Offering Sermon: Amos 3:7 Amos tells us that God does nothing unless He reveals His secret to His servants, the prophets. What has God not done because His prophets did not share it? When we give, we give to a living God, and it puts a draw on God’s anointing. Jesus prophesied to the woman at the well after she gave Him a drink of water. An angel showed up to a man who prayed and gave alms.