Prepare an Ark and Pray for Your Family

Sunday August 28, 2011

What is God saying for the church? He is releasing a fragrance on the church so that others will want to be around us, a fragrance of love for people. This year is the beginning of a new decade, which will be better than the last. This is an exciting time. If you are waiting for something in the future, you won’t be responsible for the present. God is waiting on us. He loves us and wants to show us the many facets of Himself. God is releasing revelation for you to come into the will of God for your money, your ministry, your family, etc. Heb. 11:7 Noah was divinely warned of things not seen and was moved with godly fear to prepare an ark for the saving of his household. God can speak to you in different ways, such as what’s on a piece of someone’s clothing or on a billboard. (Keith told about the words “Last Call” on a biker’s jacket.) God is going to raise us up to show how much He loves us, like a proud daddy with his baby. To save this generation, the ones who are speaking into their lives must change. There is a shift in the church. God wants to move us over into the unseen (eternal) realm. People are looking for the supernatural. God is working behind the scenes. Be glorious, not goofy. As Noah prepared an ark for the saving of his family, you need to pray for your family. Prepare an ark through mercy and love for them. God came to us with a hand, not a pointed finger. Love wins out. Parents, don’t ever close the door on your children. Rejoice and pray for your family. A righteous wife sanctifies the family. Keith also had words of encouragement for Pastor Vitali and Natasha and for The New Jerusalem.