Prayer: The Discipline of Prayer

Sunday January 13, 2013

Offering message: Realize: Jesus is alive! Heb. 7:4. Pastor Dale prayed over Gene English, and Kevin Burrows had a word for him. Sermon: The disciples raised up a crippled man on their way to prayer (Acts 3). They had the discipline of praying at certain times in the day. Don’t let go of your prayer life. We need the discipline of prayer. When you keep your eyes on the goal, the discipline needed to reach it isn’t drudgery. Pastor Dale explains discipline from the perspective of desire, such as saving for a trip to Hawaii. Discipline is not drudgery if you keep the desire. Have the desire and discipline for prayer in your life. The devil hates prayer because he’s afraid of it. Discipline in doing natural things takes time and money. Acts 16 tells how prayer changed things. If we want to see things happen, we need to bathe and birth them in prayer. In Rev. 3:15 God says that He will spew out of His mouth those who are neither hot nor cold for Him. Prayer avails much (James 5:16-17). Christianity is a relationship of love and prayer with God and the Holy Spirit. Let your desire for prayer determine your discipline for prayer. As you go through your day, “see” the call to prayer. Be a people of desire. Desire brings you into prayer. Fasting is putting away carnal desires for spiritual ones, which results in spiritual fervency.