Prayer: Spend Time With the Lord and Take Heed to What You Receive in the Lord

Sunday May 1, 2011

Offering Message: Ps. 112:1-4 Our seed will be mighty on the earth. Wealth and riches shall be in your house. You have to take wealth and riches by faith before you see it. You can be a believer and be sincere, but still be in darkness. Don’t stay there. Don’t hold onto the darkness, but hold onto hope, joy, and light. Sermon: Acts 3:1- There is a connection with prayer and miracles. Make prayer a habit. When you are praying, you won’t enter into temptation. The disciples had been on their way to pray when they passed by a man, and their ministry to him brought many to salvation. Pastor Dale told of when the Lord set up several situations which put him in connection with people and ministry in other countries. In Acts 16:13 Lydia was a person of prayer, and she was the first person to receive Jesus in Asia. Go to meet God, and He will get you to meet people. Talk to God about men before talking to men about God. Seek the Lord and spend time with Him. Use a time of loneliness for intercessory prayer. You can have confidence to act on what God tells you to do, if you have spent time with Him. Pastor Dale shared how being hungry at night in Argentina put him in connection with Ukranian men who had been praying in tongues, trying to find him. Prayer should be a delight and serving Him should be fun. Don’t let religion and the devil beat the fun out of you. Col. 4:17 Take heed to the ministry you have received from the Lord. You have to receive it, not achieve it. Relax and worship God.