Prayer Praying in Tongues

Wednesday August 10, 2011

Prayer is work, but Isaiah 28:11 and 12 tell us that our prayer language is the rest with which you may cause the weary to rest. The problem is further in the verse where it says, “yet they would not hear”. Don’t let prayer wear you out. It should energize you. Speaking in tongues builds you up and gives you rest. Like a dynamo, it produces more energy and strengthens you. John 16:24 says for us to ask, and we will receive, and then our joy will be full. Deepest joy can sustain the heaviest burden. Leave the prayer closet with joy. Ask for a fresh infilling of the Spirit. The Holy Spirit is the true intercessor. You may feel burdened in prayer and heaviness in the Spirit. Don’t confuse it with depression. It’s a burden that you need to press through. Rejoice and carry it to the birth. When you pray in the Spirit, a person’s face may come up. Stop and pray for that person. [The congregation spent time praying in tongues.]