Prayer Part 2

Wednesday June 30, 2010

In Matt. 9:38 the word “pray” means “ask”. In Matt. 14:23 “pray” means to supplicate, worship, humble yourself before someone higher, to make a request. In Matt. 26: 53 it means to call near, invite, beseech, call for, desire. Prayer is communication with God. To please God we study the Scriptures to rightly divide the Word, and we use our faith. II Tim. 3:16 tells us that the Word can reprove and correct us. God created man for fellowship with Him on His level. Fellowship with Him helps us to get to know Him, and then we have a stronger anointing and more power. Can God trust you with His power? Are you a son of God? You are if you are being led by His Spirit. If you’re not in Christ Jesus, there is condemnation. Are you walking in the realm of the Spirit? God can’t have dominion of you if you’ve given yourself and your dominion and worship to someone or something else. You’ll have the results Jesus did when you spend time with Him. Get into the Word. Respond to others based on the Word, not on what the other person said or did. Be led by the Spirit. Pray. Fellowship with the Father on His level, not yours.