Fasting and Prayer

Sunday December 30, 2012

January will be a CWI month of fasting. Matt. 6:16 tells about fasting. During this time, turn your ear to the Lord and be open to take a step and spend time in the Word of God. Fasting connects with repentance.  Whatever things you ask in prayer, believing, you will receive (Matt. 21:22). Do you have a prayer life? Are your prayers being answered? We are called to be disciples. Ministry starts with prayer and will take you to limitless places. God wants your prayers answered. James 4:2 says that prayers aren’t answered because we lust, covet, do all kinds of things to get what we want, when what we need to do is ask- pray! DON’T BE A TAME CHRISTIAN. We need prayer and revival and a revival of prayer. Cry out and put energy into prayer by lifting up your voice (Prov. 2:1-3).  Prayer begins with devotion to Jesus. The seven basics to how to pray are: 1. Pray to the Father. 2. Pray in the name of Jesus. 3. Pray through the Holy Spirit. 4. Pray in faith. (John 15:7) 5. Persevere. 6. Find someone who knows how to pray and get together with them. 7. Pray until you have His presence, assurance, release, and then praise Him.