Wednesday October 28, 2009

James 5:16. Our prayers are effective if we are in right alignment with God. When righteous people pray in the Spirit, we pray the perfect will of God. Prayer is interactive dialogue. You must listen to God and put your ear to His heart. Sometimes we need to repent before we can hear God’s voice. Be in God’s presence. Be a worshiper. When you pray, you can change the course of history for nations, a business, the people you are praying for. How do you get manifestations? Pray! God will change things from the inside out. Hook up with God in prayer. Look for people who need Jesus and pray for them. We are in covenant relationship with God: what is His is ours. Prayer is the tool that changes everything. It causes faith to rise because we have heard the Word from God. God is still on the throne! Big things happen when righteous people in alignment pray.