Praise and Worship Going First

Sunday January 9, 2011

This service consisted of an offering sermon about fasting, praying, and giving alms (Acts 10:1-4 and Matt. 6:1 and 2). Pastor Dale shared about the powerful testimonies of Gene Olon, an Armada missionary to Romania, who is strong in seeing people baptized with the Holy Spirit and healed, along with seeing God’s provision. Sharon Hawk shared a testimony of a homeless man who saw God’s goodness and was born-again and baptized in the Spirit. Bob Hawk spoke out a word from the Lord, and Pastor Dale taught briefly about the victory of Judah by obeying God to put the praise and worship “team” in front of the army and to watch God put ambushes against the enemy (II Chron. 20). We must all enter into obedience of what God is telling us to do.