October 16, 2021

Saturday October 16, 2021

Shift, change, and rearrange (Bob H.) Your money is not your seed. You are giving out of faith. It’s easier to wake someone up from their sleep then it is from the dead. Your world is right through those doors. God wants you to walk in the realm of miracles. Be quick to give. Give your best. Give everyday. Desire spiritual gifts. The more you get to know who He is, the more you begin to understand. Alan had talked about how God healed him. Isaiah 43:21 Alan referenced. Robert got ministered to. God wants to use Robert for healing ministry.

Psalms 106:48,vs. 8-9
Luke 21:3-4
Luke 6:36-38
Mark 16:15-20
1 Corinthians 2:1-5
Acts 2:22
Exodus 15:11, vs. 26