Obedience is Love

Sunday November 26, 2017
Main Message(Guest Speaker):
The speaker read from Luke 6:46-49. Acknowledge the Lord and invite Him into you day. Have the desire to love Him for who He is. The disciples were in awe of who Jesus was. The speaker encourages us to get before the Lord and seek Him for who He is. The more time we spend in His presence, the more our hearts will beat or align with His. We need to obey, John 14:21 and John14:23. Obedience is parallel with love. We are not to be speakers of God’s word, but to also be doers.
Pastor Sydney read from Isaiah 53. He mentions that we have to keep our ears opened to what the Holy Spirit is telling us. Pastor Sydney points out that we were not just healed that we were replaced when we are born again. Pastor Sydney encourages us to take hold of God’s word. Luke 1:38, be it unto me according to His word.