Safe and Secure

Saturday November 8, 2014

Psalm 91. God is your shield. Trust Him, and don’t fear. How do we get back after we have stepped out of the secret place? In Judges 6-7 the Israelites hid, the Midianites kept impoverishing them, and finally they cried out to the Lord, and He sent them a prophet. The Angel of the Lord appeared to Gideon and said that the Lord was with him and called him a mighty man of valor. He offered the Angel a sacrifice, and he told Gideon not to fear. Gideon later built an altar and gathered all the people together. There was a huge army against them, but the Lord told him to send home those who were afraid. Twenty-two thousand went home, and then the Lord had him eliminate more until only three hundred men remained. He needed encouragement, so the Lord allowed him to hear the Midianites talking about a dream in which the Israelites won. Gideon divided the men up into three groups, told them to take trumpets and pitchers. With only three hundred, they defeated an innumerable amount. The Lord fought the battle for them because they obeyed. Obedience is the key to coming back to the secret place. He will give you step by step instructions. In 1 Samuel 30:3 David and his men’s wives had been captured. His men wanted to stone him. David strengthened himself in the Lord. You build yourself up by speaking to yourself. Speak out words of victory. Pastor Syd read confessions from Charles Capp’s book. He demonstrated how you can declare, pray, and confess the Word to build yourself up in the Lord. First Corinthians 16:13 says to watch, stand fast in the faith, be brave, be strong. We are to act the way the Word says we are. The words of Psalm 31 are true for us, too. Speak the Word of God into your situation. This is my truth. Submit to His Word. Read the Psalms, such as 27 and 18, as confessions and declarations to strengthen yourself. Your fellowship time with the Lord is so important. Seek His face. Wait for the Lord. Be courageous. He will strengthen your heart. The body should build each other up. If you get out of the secret place, build yourself up in the Word and in the Lord and the power of His might (Ephesians 6:10). What happens in the natural realm happens first in the spiritual realm.