No Condemnation

Sunday January 24, 2010

Pastor Dale teaches on John 8:1-12 and Rom. 8:1. Do you believe that Jesus does not condemn us? Do you understand that He loves us, even when we sin, and yet does not condone sin? Satan uses condemnation, which becomes a worse problem than the sin you committed. Everyone has sinned, and condemnation will only drive you away from God. Godly guilt is an indicator that you need to go to Jesus when you sin, and then run to Him. Pastor Dale tells a story of a hard-hearted mechanic, who had been hurt by a pastor, and how condemnation almost sent him to hell, but God’s grace saved him on his deathbed. Christianity is not morality and ethics. It’s the redemption of man from sin to righteousness. The real you, the hidden man of your heart, is a new creation. After being born-again, your flesh and mind can sin, but you can train your flesh to righteousness, because your flesh obeys you. Where does condemnation work? It works in your flesh, so do not give in to your flesh. Pastor Dale tells an experience of ministering to a senator and how he was victorious over the flesh, but how the devil made him feel condemnation. Stop condemning yourself. Celebrate the victories in your life.