Ministry night

Wednesday June 24, 2020

Apostle Dale Armstrong mentioned that He broke the bread for you. Jesus is alive. Apostle Dale called Allen up to tell the rest of his testimony on God’s healing. Apostle Dale asked, how much have we forgotten what God has done for us? Apostle Dale and Pastor Bob Hawk ministered to a young lady.There’s a rushing mighty river that will flow. There’s a place of freedom and liberty which, I will bring you into a place Where are the cares of the life and the cares that had surrounded you, the struggles, and pressures. Even the opinions of others will melt away. That which was is all changing though what used to be shall no longer be. But, this is a new day and a new hour. There has to be a new song. There is a banner of victory for those who will come in for those who are hungry. For those who are looking for that team, for those who are looking for that family, for those who are looking for the  Camaraderie.

Ministered Word for Blake
Things are adjusting even right now with the thinking process of things you seen or dreamed. there is a greater measure that is available.  In that measure there will be an increase for you to accomplish that what I have  called you to do. Know that I’ve given you a mouth and I call it My mouthpiece. As you use your heart as you healed your entire being. You will see a transformation take place. A transformation and some would say that is not the one I knew. Something has happened and that’s not the man I knew. He has become one who sits at the feet of the master. He is speaking the words of the Lord. Blake has become another man. Nations will come and be changed