Don’t Settle for Less Than God’s Best

Tuesday May 13, 2014

Romans 8:29 says that God foreknew and predestined us to be conformed to the image of His Son. Ron tells of his life, which started out by his mother being raped followed by his being greatly harmed by a botched delivery. God’s plan for Ron was for him to live miraculously. Don’t settle for a healing when you can get a new body part from God. In order to receive, you must have God’s image of yourself. Religion tells you to stop sinning. Instead of trying not to do something you shouldn’t be doing, do what you should be doing, and you won’t do the “don’t”. When God tells you to do something, His grace is there. Step into the ability to do what you are to do. Instead of trying to put off something, put on health and freedom from pain. Do the “do”, and you can resist the “don’t”. If you have bad habits, take on new good habits. Get God’s image of you. Joshua 1:8 tells you to put the Word in your mouth, and when you speak it aloud, your inner and outer ear hear it. Speak the Word until you get the revelation of it, and it becomes a reality. Your focus and image must be God. Take a step of obedience, even when you don’t have all the details. When you speak in tongues, you speak the will of God, and you can get God’s plans and the words to speak out. Tongues can prophesy your future in God into existence. Establish a perfect image in God’s eyes of what it means to be in divine health. God is higher than you, and He will not come down to your level but will help you to come up higher. He sends the Holy Spirit to get the Word to you, so that you can get His thoughts and ways. Sow seeds into yourself by speaking out the Word. When you practice reading the Bible, speaking the Word, and praying in tongues, then you can react in God’s way.