Love Is The Direction – Part 2

Saturday August 17, 2013

Text: John 13:34. Part of the commandment of loving God and others is to love ourselves, which we can do if we understand how much God loves us. The love of God is already in us, if we are full of Him (Romans 5:5). Life is about 1) choices, 2) words, 3) actions, and love should determine each of these. Jesus prayed that the love that God loved Jesus with would be in us (John 17:26). Love is an action and is the direction we need to take. Every problem that has ever defeated any Christian is the result of not walking in love. If the question is whether to walk in love or to be “right”, choose walking in love. Allow love to temper all your decisions. The three facets of love are: 1) Learn to receive and believe in the love God has for you; 2) Respond in love to people; 3) Learn to direct your love on the right objects of affection. Love righteousness and hate sin. Ask yourself: Where am I directing my love? Meditation is more powerful than experiences. Meditate on the Scriptures that will help you overcome whatever sin you’re in or need you have. Meditate on Scriptures about meditation and those about the love of God.