Let It Rain

Saturday January 30, 2021

You see what God is going to do with His body. The gospel of the kingdom will be preached. Who is the farmer? God is. Who is he waiting for? The farmer. He tells us don’t be anxious. Don’t let your heart be troubled. The work within is to salvation. The church was birth in John:20. You causing people to sin is to not to be forgiving. There’s a responsibility of the the gift of forgiveness. To empower you to be witnesses. If the majority goes a certain way it is not always right.

Isaiah 34:2     Isaiah 35:4-6   Matthew 24:14   James 5:7   John 20:22-23   1 Corinthians 15   Acts 1:5-8   James 5:7   Hosea 6:3   Isaiah 60:1   Zechariah 10:1