Jesus Walked on the Water

Wednesday May 18, 2011

Offering message: Luke 6:36. Sowing begins long before your giving. Being merciful, not judging or condemning, and forgiving all come before giving. Watch what you’re sowing. If you want to change what you are reaping, sow something different. Look at and remember what God and others have given you. Sermon: In Matt. 14:24-31 as Jesus was walking on the water when the wind was contrary, He told His disciples, “Be of good cheer. Do not be afraid.” You do not need to be afraid, but you should also be of good cheer. Jesus is with you. There is some victory or good thing you can remember experiencing. A little taste of victory can change you. Peter obeyed Jesus when He said to come. He did walk on the water, too. When God tells you to do something, have faith in Him and do what He tells you to do. Peter got his eyes off of Jesus and onto the wind and “began to sink”. Again, Jesus told him to not be afraid, and Jesus immediately saved him. What did Peter doubt? He doubted himself. People doubt their ability to receive from God. In Luke 4:17-18 Jesus quoted the Scriptures that talked about Himself. Find in the Bible what tells about you and your situation and speak it. Problems help define who you are when you defeat them, such as David was defined by taking care of the Goliath problem. Don’t back down, but stand on what the Bible says about you and get your eyes on Jesus. Laugh at your problems.